WV March Madness to the Polls






    • Each school represents their own March Madness Team.
    • Your team name will be your high school name.
    • Each week schools will be matched up against other schools based on a bracket. You will compete against the school you are matched with each week. At the end of the week, the team with the most points moves on. 
    • The first 2 rounds of the Tournament (Round of 32 and Sweet 16) will be 2 weeks each. So Round of 32 runs from March 19th - March 30th. Sweet 16 runs from April 2nd - April 13th. After that, all rounds will be 1 week each. 
    • Points are accumulated based on the scoring system found below.
    • If your school is already at 100% Voter Registration - that is awesome! You can still earn points for GOTV efforts, social media, registering other high schools, doing voter engagement activities at your school, etc.
    • If your school does a VRD or GOTV effort in the next week before March 19th, we will still count it towards your point totals! You just must let Olivia know ASAP.
    • Each school must turn in their weekly totals in the online form at March Madness Points Form
      •  It is best to have 1 Inspired Leader or teacher designated to submitting your points each week so there is less confusion. All forms and pledge cards must be mailed to your regional manager/coordinator on Fridays. If you need a prepaid label, let Olivia or Hilary know by Friday at 3:00 PM. If you have questions about the March Madness Points Form and how to tally up your points, contact Olivia.
    • Updated scores will be announced every Monday on this webpage and on the Inspire WV Instagram   --> @inspirewestvirginia <--Follow the Instagram now!
    • The Tournament runs from Monday, March 19th - Friday, May 4th. Election day is Tuesday, May 8th. **If you are voting on the actual election day, your “I voted” selfies will still count! A final tally will be taken Tuesday, May 8th at 7:30 PM when the polls close. The winner will be announced Wednesday, May 9th.


    • 1 point per voter registration form
    • 1 point per pledge card
    • X2 points per every matched voter reg form and pledge card
      • ***NOTE: the voter registration deadline is April 17th. All voter registration must be completed by then.***
    • 15 points per GOTV plan per school (signed page confirming busing/walking to the polls, carpooling, etc.) - If you have questions about what a “GOTV plan” means contact Olivia or Hilary
    • 10 points per person (student) who makes a "Plan to Vote" on BallotReady tool
    • 20 bonus points for nominating a student (younger classman) to be an Inspired Leader next year. Can be a current sophomore or junior.
    • 5 points for a Twitter post related to Primary Election or voting.
    • 5 points for IG post related to Primary Election or voting.
    • 5 points for a Facebook post related to early voting.
    • 5 points per selfie with Inspire hoodie (if you haven’t received yours or want to purchase one, contact Olivia or Hilary)
    • 10 points for a selfie outside of polling place/ I voted sticker
    • 25 points per school for obtaining a SAMPLE BALLOT from your county clerk and sending it to Olivia or Hilary
    • 25 points for voter education meeting prior to early voting/election day. We can provide all of the materials and information needed for this meeting. It is just up to you to get a date approved by your administration and host it.
    • 25 points if you register another school to vote (Go to school and actually host a VRD. Cannot just register 1 friend you know from another school randomly. If you need help figuring out how to do this, ask Olivia or Hilary)
    • 25 points if you attend a local candidate forum, debate, etc. or host something similar at your school. Must show proof you attended forum (picture, a small description of who was there, etc.)
    • Must use #inspire2vote and #iwvmarchmadness on every social media post to earn credit.
    • All social media posts must be unique. You cannot simply post the same tweet or picture 5 times and get 25 points for it. They all must be at least slightly different.
    • It is not required but it is encouraged for each school to start their own social media page for Inspire. This just makes it easier for us to count up the social media posts.  Email tammie.statler@inspire-usa.org for help with your Logo.

If you have any questions, please contact Olivia McCuskey via email (olivia.mccuskey@inspire-usa.org) or phone (304-382-1497).

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