Inspired Leaders meet with World Denver

Inspire Colorado partnered with World Denver to meet with international guests as part of the U.S. State Department International Visitor Leadership Program. Inspired Leader Emma Lovato shares her thoughts from the event.

World Denver guests were in the U.S. to learn about our political process from political campaigns and elections to the transfer of power and civic engagement programs. Their visit with Inspired Leaders centered on learning more about youth engagement in civics and politics.

The hour-long discussion oscillated between the guests from Bolivia, Ghana, Malaysia, Nepal, and Poland telling stories about the political process in their country to asking the Inspired Leaders how their peers felt about the political process in the U.S.ICO-World-Denver-2017-Blog.jpg

Inspire Colorado is fortunate to have such a beneficial relationship with World Denver. This is the second time this academic year that Inspire Colorado and World Denver have been able to partner together to provide unique opportunities for Inspired Leaders to meet and interact with international community leaders.

Emma Lovato,  a junior from Eaglecrest High School reflects on this event.........

When I went to visit and converse with a few political leaders and commentators from around the globe, I didn’t know I’d be leaving that visit with a new appreciation for the United States’ political process.

Two weeks ago, some fellow Inspired Leaders and I were invited to meet with political organizers and a political reporter from six different countries to discuss political processes and youth issues in the United States. While the conversation was a proposal to discuss several issues that were important to youth around Colorado, I learned much more about the political processes of these other nations.

One point that influenced me the most was learning from the Deputy National Youth Organizer for a major political party in Ghana that it is illegal there for kids under the age of 18 to participate in politics. While the legal voting age in America is 18, youth are encouraged to do all they can to get involved in the political process before they can vote; in fact, that is what Inspire Colorado aims to do.

I think that we currently live in a time where many people my age are annoyed with the political conversations that they see on social media or that they hear in real life. A lesson I learned from this discussion is to embrace the discourse surrounding politics because I am lucky to have a voice in decisions that can impact me today and in the future.

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