Voter Registration Fantasy Football

Sunday, Oct 15th - Sunday, Dec 3rd

Battle it out on the Inspire Gridiron





  • Each school represents their own Fantasy Football Team. 
  • Your team name will be your high school name. If you would prefer a personalized team name, you must send the name in to Olivia McCuskey ( by Friday, October 20th. 
  • Points are accumulated based on the scoring system found below. 
  • If a school gets 100% Voter Registration done the first week - that is awesome! You can still earn points for the following weeks through posting on social media, registering other high schools, doing voter engagement activities at your school, etc.
  • If your school has done a VRD already (during the week of Oct. 9-13) your total will be counted towards the first week of the League (Oct. 16-20).
  • Each school must turn in their weekly totals to Olivia by each Friday. All forms and pledge cards must be mailed to to your regional manager/coordinator on Friday. If you need a prepaid label, let Olivia or Hilary know by Friday at 3:00 PM. 
  • Updated scores will be announced every Monday on this webpage and on the Inspire U.S. Instagram                                   --> @inspire2vote <--Follow the Instagram now!
  • The League runs from Sunday, October 15th - Sunday, December 3rd. The winner will be announced Monday, December 4th.  

Point System:

  • 1pt - Registration
  • 1pt - Pledge Card
  • Points X2 - For every matched up registration form and pledge card  in each weekly shipment
  • 5pts - Twitter post ***All social media posts must tag @inspire2vote and use #IWVFantasyFootball***
  • 5pts - Instagram post ***All social media posts must tag @inspire2vote and use #IWVFantasyFootball***
  • 5pts - FaceBook  post ***All social media posts must tag @inspire2vote and use #IWVFantasyFootball***
  • 50pts - Elected Official Engagement (Talk to Olivia for more details)
  • 25pts - If you register your entire senior class, register another school for bonus points. (Talk to Olivia for details)
  • 50pts - Complete 85% voter registration of senior class for Jennings Randolph Award
  • 50pts - Completed and turned in Honorary Secretary of State application 


If you have any questions, please contact Olivia McCuskey via email ( or phone (304-382-1497).