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Vote on November 6

Things to know about Voting

Are you ready to vote?  Have you verified that you are registered?  Do you know when and where to vote?  Do you need to vote by absentee ballot?

Most states have a voter registration deadline to vote in the November 6 election. Click here to check the deadline for your state.

Click here for voter information or find your state below for state-specific information

Your vote = Your voice.  Thanks for making your voice heard in America

Click on a state below for specific voter information.

Arizona October 6, 2018
California October 22, 2018

October 15, 2018- for paper forms at voter reg drives

October 29, 2018- for online voter registration at voter reg drives

Colorado has same-day voter registration so you can register all the way through election day to 7 p.m

Kentucky October 8, 2018
Nevada October 16, 2018
Pennsylvania October 7, 2018
Texas October 9, 2018
Virginia October 15, 2018
West Virginia October 16, 2018
Wisconsin October 17, 2018

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