Things to know about Voting

National General Election: Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Are you already registered to vote?

If you believe you aren't eligible to register now, please make a PLEDGE to do so when you become eligible.  We'll help by reminding you when the time comes. Simply click on the Pledge to Register link below and complete the short form.

If you've already registered, CONGRATULATIONS!  You've taken the first step to making sure your voice is heard.  Don't stop there--please decide right now that you will cast your ballot at the next election.  Complete our Pledge to Vote form and we'll send you a quick reminder to vote before the next election. We'll even include important information about where and when to vote in your community.

Your vote = Your voice.  Thanks for making your voice heard in America

Click on a state below for specific voter information.

Arizona October 6, 2018
California October 22, 2018
Colorado October 22, 2018
Kentucky October 8, 2018
Nevada October 16, 2018
Pennsylvania October 7, 2018
Texas October 9, 2018
Virginia October 15, 2018
West Virginia October 16, 2018
Wisconsin November 6, 2018

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