Getting the Job Done

The 2017-18 Inspired Year has officially started. Click here to read about some successes from the 2016-17 Inspired Year.

When Inspire began its work three years ago, its vision was to amplify the youth vote by the 2018 elections. Since its initial efforts, Inspire has transformed from the learnings of a start-up organization into a high-performing, increasingly cost-effective and efficient program with a highly talented and motivated staff.

Along the way, Inspire has trained hundreds of student leaders who have conducted voter registration drives, meetings with elected officials, and get-out-the-vote efforts with thousands of their peers. Students in seven states so far have embraced their potential power as constituents and as voters. They know that they are not just future leaders. Their time is NOW. 

It has been almost 50 years since the U.S. Constitution was amended to give 18-year-old citizens the right to vote. Ironically, since the 26th Amendment was passed in 1971, civics education in high school has declined drastically. Inspire helps to fill that gap.


Research shows that if young people don’t register to vote at age 18, they probably won’t be interested again until their mid-twenties.

Voter files validate that high school students are significantly more likely to cast their first ballots in the next election when they have registered to vote through the efforts of their peers at one of the hundreds of high schools where Inspire has been introduced. 

Inspire has been supported by Secretaries of State and other election officials. It has been welcomed by school superintendents, school board members, high school principals and teachers. There have been meaningful collaborations with a myriad of partners both nationally and locally.

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