Get Ready for NVRD 2017

Schools are back in session and we are gearing up for National Voter Registration Day on September 26. Is your school going to participate?

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

Across the nation students have started to head back to school and Inspire U.S. wants to welcome everyone to what we know will be the year of the youth voter! Young people have the numbers, recently becoming the largest voting bloc in the nation. They also have the power, being more empowered than ever to amplify their voices! Now all young people need is the access to unlock that power through voting. What better way to make than happen then to start your school year off with a voter registration drive?

From check in events, to class presentations, to welcome back assemblies, Inspire U.S. has already been actively working with students like you in schools across the country to get young people registered to vote this school year.  Why so early? The truth is, it’s never too early to promote civic engagement with your peers and with the 2018 primary and general elections just around the corner, not to mention school board and other local elections taking place across the country in November of this year, the fact is the best time really is now!Medium-sized-NVRD-logo-for-web-300x300.png

National Voter Registration Day is the perfect opportunity to take the first step with your school to help your peers register to vote and build a culture of youth voting across the nation. On September 26th, young people will be holding events at their schools and in their communities to register their peers to vote. Inspire U.S. wants to help you be a part of this movement the only question left is, are you in?

So, how can you get started organizing a voter registration event at your school on National Voter Registration Day? 

Click here to sign up your school with Inspire U.S. today and an Inspire U.S. representative for your region will contact you so you can begin to plan!

It has been reported that only two out of ten young people vote in elections. When you hold a registration drive at your school on National Voter Registration Day, you are actively working to make that statistic a thing of the past! Now, head back to your schools, get your friends together, find adults who want to help you with your efforts and help us make 2017-2018 the year of the youth voter!

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