NASSP Approves Inspire U.S. Program

Inspire U.S. has been approved by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) for inclusion on their List of Approved Contests and Activities for Students for 2015-16!

NASSP Student Contests & Activities

The NASSP publishes their national list to “provide information to assist principals, teachers, parents, and students in making decisions regarding participation in a wide variety of program opportunities.” Inspire U.S. is honored to be included on a list with other civically-minded organizations like the Close Up Foundation. The NASSP evaluates programs based on the following standards of quality:

  • Educational value
  • Financial support
  • Organizational structure
  • Promotional accuracy
  • Fair, appropriate adjudication

Inspire U.S. hopes that its inclusion on the NASSP list will support the program’s mission and expansion both nationally and statewide. Currently, Inspire U.S. operates in Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Inspire U.S. has proven to be an impactful program in the states and communities where students participate. Students who participate in the program endeavor to register 85% of their senior class to vote before graduation. Students also collaborate to design and facilitate Civic Action Projects that address problems within their communities. Since Inspire U.S. was established in 2013, thousands of high school students have become registered to vote and others have pledged to register to vote when they become old enough. Furthermore, students have worked with elected leaders at the municipal, state and federal levels to effect change.

To learn more about Inspire U.S. and its programs, please visit or email JD Mitchell at


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