A Train, A Purpose, a Journey Across the U.S.

Young people ages 18 to 22 have the lowest turnout at the polls despite being the largest demographic in the United States. It isn't that this generation isn't ready to vote or isn't educated enough to vote-- it's that there are countless barriers in place to ensure young people aren't heard. Inspire U.S. believes this and I believe this. Now, I am taking this mission on the road, across the country, to work in different cities to find opportunities for young people to register, turn out, and inspire to vote. 

Millennial Trains Project

I want to invite you on this journey, with me, to continue making progress in empowering our youngest generation of voters across the country. 

In collaboration with the Millennial Trains Project, I will be setting out to five different cities across the country to meet with elected officials, community partners, stakeholders, and other individuals who are passionate about our mission to find opportunities for young people to use their voice through their vote. By hosting meetings in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Kansas City, Albuquerque, and Los Angeles, I hope to begin laying this foundation to amplify the voice of high school students through voting for 2016 Election and beyond.


I have already crowdfunded the $5,000 required to step on board the train (check out the Indiegogo Campaign here). The next steps are connecting with partners in each of the aforementioned cities to make this dream a reality. Additionally, we will be launching a campaign on the Inspire U.S. social media called #IAMAVOTER, featuring the stories of young people across the country and why they will be voting in upcoming elections. For updates, follow Inspire U.S. on Instagram

Who am I?

I am a Wisconsin Native, a Colorado Explorer, and an idealist at heart. I am a road-trip enthusiast and coffee lover. Most importantly, I am a strong believer in the work of Inspire U.S. and that young people have the ability to truly influence their communities. 

I am very excited for this opportunity with the Millennial Trains Project and with Inspire U.S. Keep up to date on my progress and adventures by following me on Twitter, the Inspire U.S. Facebook Page, and our Inspire U.S. Instagram

Thank you and can't wait to have you on board the train with me!


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  • commented 2016-07-08 14:09:28 -0700
    Yay!! This is so awesome. Congratulations, I’m very excited to hear more about it in the upcoming months!