Springing into Success

In that last month Inspired Leaders have registered and pledged 3,000+ more young people to vote, that's a total of 68,344 young voters in our movement!

The Inspire Virginia team did an extraordinary job last month by registering and pledging 857 students to vote! Here's a video of one of our school champions in Virginia speaking about the Inspire in his classroom. Are you a high school teacher and want to learn more about getting involved with Inspire? Sign your school up here. 

Keenan Enstminger School Champion in Virginia

Inspire U.S. School Champion, teacher Keenan Enstminger from James River high school in Virginia talks about his experience with Inspire and the impact he's seen the program make on his students. Thank you, Mr. Enstminger!

Alumni Spotlights: 


Read about Virginia's Alumna, Jay Falk, here as she share her journey in civic leadership. 


Read about West Virginia's alumnus, Angelo Cocchiaro, here as he shares his journey from hometown to American University.

Here's what's coming up:

  • Our Inspire states have 72 voter registration drives planned in the month of March.
  • We're kicking off our 2019-2020 school year with 14 Regional Student Trainings for students and teachers. These Inspire2Vote Summits will be one day engaging training events for students from various schools. 
  • We're Getting Out the Vote for 8 upcoming spring elections, in 7 states (NV has two this spring/summer) 

Together we are building a stronger democracy. During the last four years, Inspire has worked with 2,652 high school educators, built a movement of 1,847 trained Inspired Student Leaders, and created opportunities for interaction with 293 elected officials. Thank you for helping us grow. Take a look at other areas of growth on our Past to Present Overview here.

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