Inspire Kentucky meet with KY Secretary of State

Inspire KY Red Team had a great meeting with Secretary of State Alison Grimes this previous Monday. Isaac Weiss reflects on this experience and the plans for their Civic Action Project. 

Hello, this is Isaac Weiss, an Inspired Leader from duPont Manual High School. The Inspire Kentucky Red team has been hard at work these past few months on our Civic Action Project (CAP). Our CAP is the creation of legislation to automatically register eligible citizens to vote. This registration would take place when individuals go to the DMV to obtain a driver’s license. On January 25, 2016, the Inspire Kentucky Red team and I were extremely privileged to have the opportunity to meet with Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Involvement, voice, future, we care, information. 

Each member of the team went around and said one word or phrase we would use to describe why we joined Inspire KY as Secretary Grimes wrote them down. These are the words that drive us to follow our CAP as far as it will go. We spent the afternoon discussing the potential outcomes and implications of our proposed legislation and what it means to be a part of Inspire Kentucky. She then offered us pointers in the best direction to take our proposal and gave us a goal for this legislative session: to pass our proposal with bipartisan support. We learned of some great legislators that might be interested in supporting our proposal. Before we left, Secretary Grimes invited all of Inspire Kentucky back to the Capitol to unveil the new electronic voter registration system in February. We are all very excited to be back in Frankfort next month!


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