Inspired Leader Showcases Leadership skills with YMCA

Inspired Leader Bella Beilman shares her experience running for Governor at the Kentucky Youth Assembly. 

This past year, at one of Kentucky’s mock youth and government programs, Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA), I entered an electionKY-Bella-Beilman-Blog-Insert.jpg to become an advocate for the state of Kentucky. We call this a presiding office. I ran at KYA number one (of three). This essentially means I ran a campaign to become the leader, or Governor, of the conference. The Governor is the person who inspires others with words and actions, and in the end picks the bills signed into law. I always love campaigning at KYA because it is a giant conference of over one thousand kids all of whom have separate stories. They all came for a different reason and are passionate about different issues. It is such a myriad of the most competent, informed, and inspiring teenagers from all across the state. While campaigning, I met people who I most likely would have never known. I made so many new relationships and developed bonds with people I met.

Towards the end of the conference, there is an election and the new officers are chosen for the next year by these budding and civically engaged young adults. Every school tries to get 100% participation. On the very last day, the election results are counted and announced. The new people who will serve as representatives for the wonderful state of Kentucky for the next year are picked. I was oozing nerves and absolutely could not sit still for the entire morning (it might have been from the two coffees I drank that morning, oh well). I wanted so badly to represent my state as an advocate for change. Fortunately, I was chosen to be the 2017 Youth Governor of KYA 1. My heart raced as I took the oath and I couldn’t contemplate what was happening to me. In the next year, I hope to not only represent Kentucky as Youth Governor, but also as a dedicated Inspire Leader. For without democratic elections, I would not have been voted into power and given the experience of a lifetime.

- Bella Beilman, Assumption High School Class of 2018, Louisville

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