Inspired Year

Students can make a difference in their community.

Inspired Year

The 2016-17 Inspired Year takes place during the school year.  The program may vary in each Inspire State.

Inspire2Vote Training

This training is one of the most important components of Inspire's year-long program. Students develop critical thinking skills as they assess the civic health of their states, advance their effectiveness as leaders and communicators, and plan projects and activities focused on making a positive impact in their communities.

First Vote Projects

In order to improve the civic health of a community and strengthen our democracy, more people need to be involved in the electoral process. To this end, students lead non-partisan voter registration projects at their high schools aimed at encouraging peers to participate as active citizens.

Regional Meetings

Each semester, college mentors and high school teams host meetings for students to reconnect, receive additional training, and provide project updates.

Election Simulation

Each Inspire program hosts a one-day conference/simulation to give students the opportunity to practice the skills associated with civil discourse and community decision making. The simulation is a dynamic recreation of the campaign and election process.

Civic Action and/or Candidate Forums

Students collaborate with their peers to create and execute civic action projects (CAPs) that addresses issues in their communities. CAPs must address a timely and newsworthy issue, educate fellow students on the issue, include a "call to action," and attempt to influence decision or policy makers.

Legislative Day

Students meet with legislators to discuss the issues they focused on during their civic action projects and to learn more about how their states are governed.

Annual Celebration

At the conclusion of the Inspired Year, students gather to celebrate the achievements of their life-changing year.