After you graduate from high school as an Inspired Leader, we invite you to stay involved through our Inspired Leader Alumni network!

Inspired Leader Alumni are -- literally -- leading the way for the younger generation, both by example and by mentor-ship. Here are your opportunities to stay involved:

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Inspired Alumni Advisory Group

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Participate in Get Out the Vote

Registering to vote is important but we need your help in reminding your generation to turnout on Election Day. Work with Inspire remotely to help call and remind students registered and pledged with Inspire to get to the polls to cast their ballot! Search for upcoming events.

Leadership Academy Facilitators

Because Inspire is youth-led and youth-driven, we want Inspired Alumni to mentor our next generation of Inspired Leaders at the summer and fall Leadership Academies. Opportunities include facilitating sessions, working directly with high school Inspired Leaders, and helping to create strong action plans to move students forward in the upcoming Inspired Year.

Legislative Action

Throughout the year, different opportunities arise for alumni to take part in legislative action opportunities. This summer, a group of alumni from across the country worked together to learn more about upcoming college affordability legislation in congress.

Connect with Organizations on your Campus

There are many college campus networks throughout the country that focus on college student voter registration. Inspire can help connect you to these groups so you can continue the amazing work you've done on your campus!

Propose a Project

Don't see what you're interested in here? Inspire is always looking for new ideas and ways to continue involving our Inspired Leaders and Alumni. We would love for you to continue to be involved with us! Contact us!



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