Inspire KY Leaders Meet with Legislators

Inspired Leaders RyAnn Schoenbaechler and Isaac Mackin attended a coffee house meet and greet with Kentucky state representatives Morgan McGarvey and Mary Lou Marzian.

Read about our students' experiences:

As an Inspired Leader, I was given the opportunity to meet with two of my local representatives, Morgan McGarvey, a Kentucky KY-2016-Inspired-Leader-Ryann.jpg
Senate member, and Mary Lou Marzian, a member of the House of Representatives. The meeting was held at our neighborhood
coffee shop. Right away, I was surprised at the number of people who had come to speak with their representatives. There was standing room only! Ms. Marzian and Mr. McGarvey conducted an informal speech to the coffeehouse about the recent Kentucky legislature and about the importance of becoming involved in local politics. They stressed the idea that if you are unhappy with a decision made in your state capitol, you can protest it by writing to your local representatives. After the speech, I chatted with Senator McGarvey about the possibility of having him speak to my senior class about the importance of voting and civic participation. As an aspiring politician, I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet with my local representatives. They even inspired me to take action by attending a women’s rights rally in my city!

- RyAnn Schoenbaechler, Atherton High School Class of 2017, Louisville

Bright and early on the morning of January 14th , I was able to sit in on an exciting and unique experience that showed the power of a politically active community, and dedicated representatives.

With their love of coffee, and interest in their city, a multitude of individuals came to fill Heine Bros. Coffee in order to hear what Senator McGarvey (D), and Representative Marzian (D) had to say about the recent bills passed by legislature, and to individually communicate with the two politicians afterwards. After getting everyone’s attention, they told their audience that with a majority of seats filled by Republicans, whatever they said would not make a significant enough difference in the voting process, or to theirKY-2017-Inspired-Leader-Isaac-Mackin.jpg counterparts. With that, the room took somewhat of a drop in energy. Senator McGarvey countered by telling the audience to call their local, and state representatives, and to let them know if the people in their district disagree with what has been passed. The ability to call your representative truly allows your voice to be heard in the democratic process, and further ensures that your district’s ideals are being legally represented.

All in all, Senator McGarvey and Representative Marzian held a wonderful outreach to the public, and reminded them that even when things aren’t going how you envisioned them, a little perseverance, and many more phone calls, you can enact change.

- Isaac Mackin, Louisville Male High School Class of 2017, Louisville

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