Heather Foglia - School Champion

Heather Foglia is a teacher at Sierra Vista high school in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is one of the reasons why 667 students at Sierra Vista have become registered, engaged voters. Hopefully lifelong voters. 

Since 2016,  667 students have registered to vote at Sierra Vista High School in Las Vegas, NV.

Results like this happen when people and organizations work together. First and foremost, teacher Heather Foglia championed efforts by supporting her students challenge themselves beyond textbook learning, and talk to their peers about voting. She Heather Foglia believes, “If young people feel connected to the voting process from their earliest opportunity, the likelihood that they will be lifelong participants is much stronger.”  By providing the option to register to vote at school, students are able to take what they have learned in their civics and government classes about the election process and value of voting, and put it to action.   It’s one thing to "have a voice" and another to use it.

Remaining nonpartisan is at the core of Inspire’s program and a key component of its training for students. Heather believes this is essential in the classroom. “Young people tend to shut down when they feel opinions are being forced on them; it is our job to teach our kids how to think, not what to think.”

Inspire U.S. has teamed up with the Nevada Secretary of State, Clark County Registrar and Sierra Vista Principal Dr. Anzalone to support Heather and other teachers at the school to ensure all eligible students understand the process and have the opportunity to register to vote before they graduate.

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