Hannah Mixdorf

Strategic Development Director

Hannah first started working with Inspire U.S. in Denver, Colorado. She came to Inspire with a lot of experience in the higher education world. She quickly strengthened and grew the Inspire Colorado program through relationships with Secretary of State’s office, teachers, and students. Hannah’s ambition to improve Inspire’s program led her into a national leadership role in 2016 to oversee Inspire’s southwest region. Hannah’s personal strengths lie within seeing the opportunity to show short-term impact as it relates to long-term success. She is our data guru and has been key in making Inspire U.S. a truly data-driven and results-driven organization. In March 2016 Hannah raised over $5000 to represent Inspire U.S. and herself on a national tour across the country with the Millennial Trains Project. In her free time, Hannah enjoys running, biking, reading good books, and coffee.

Contact Hannah at hannah.mixdorf@inspire-usa.org.


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