Mountaineers Vote

Inspire WV Alumni, Georgia Beatty, now a student at WVU, wrote about her journey to voting and civic engagement. She continues to encourage her peers to vote. 

Published in on October 3, 2018.

Red and blue stripes stretching across a white plane. Your chest reads “I Voted” and you have never felt more alive. Exhilarated. Content. Dutiful. Perhaps this is an overly romanticized portrait of a completely mundane act of patriotism. Perhaps it isn’t.

It is the reason I registered to vote in the winter of 2016. At 17 years old, I barely met the age cutoff, but my long-since envisioned dream of enacting civic responsibility led me to that registration form. It led me to several political rallies throughout election season. It led me to a partnership with Inspire West Virginia my senior year of high school—a mission to register as many Weir High School students as possible. It led me to own my polling place.

It led me here.

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