Elected Official Visits Colorado High School

Inspired Leader Lila Jordan was surprised how easy it was to get an elected official to visit her school. Read about Lila's experience.

After going to the Inspire Colorado Youth Civic Engagement Forum on March 13th at History Colorado and meeting state CO-Inspired-Leader-Lila-Jordan.jpgRepresentative Leslie Herod, I thought she seemed like an amazing politician to try to get in touch with for further meetings and presentations. Especially since she represents my school, DSST: Cole High School. I was actually super surprised with how easy it was to get in touch with her. She was extremely enthusiastic about coming to speak at my school. I was really excited as well because she has such an amazing and inspiring story that connects with our school population. I wanted her to come speak at my school in the first place because I think she brings such a unique and updated perspective on our current political system, and she is able to connect with a lot of the youth in Colorado on what they want to do and what is best for our state as a whole.

I was definitely nervous that the kids at my school would be a little bit apprehensive about hearing a politician speak, but so far, the outcome has been almost the exact opposite of that. People thought that she was super cool, kind, well spoken, and up to date.  She was incredibly engaging with all of the students and had such a positive attitude that it made everyone drawn to her and excited to have her there.  Since the millennial generation has a harder time getting involved in politics and voting than others do, having someone like Rep. Herod talk to everyone (someone who is relatable, up to date, and engaging with youth) can truly be inspiring and get people motivated to begin to get involved.  

Overall, meeting Rep.Herod and having her come speak at my school was such an incredible experience, and I feel super lucky to have gotten to take part in it!


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