Chelsea Costello

Communications and Development Director

Chelsea started her work with Inspire serendipitously when she returned home to her family in West Virginia after working as an Educational Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia. Inspire U.S. was looking for someone to start a new program in West Virginia and . Chelsea aspired to work in the youth development field.

Since pioneering the Inspire West Virginia program in early 2014, Chelsea has grown nationally in her role to oversee Inspire’s eastern region. She collaborates with government agencies to create high school voter registration awards similar to the Jennings Randolph Award that she helped create with the WV Secretary of State 2014-16.

Chelsea is grateful for the opportunity to work for an organization that truly leads young people across the country to play an active role in our democracy.  

In her free time, Chelsea likes exploring new places in WV, crafting everything DIY, and playing with her 2yr old son.

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