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Inspire U.S. Success Stories from Across the Country

Award Recipient Christina Murray

Christina Murray is a 17-year-old senior at East Fairmont High School, and she has been working to achieve the goal of getting area high school students registered to vote.  Continue reading this article at the

A Train, A Purpose, a Journey Across the U.S.

Young people ages 18 to 22 have the lowest turnout at the polls despite being the largest demographic in the United States. It isn't that this generation isn't ready to vote or isn't educated enough to vote-- it's that there are countless barriers in place to ensure young people aren't heard. Inspire U.S. believes this and I believe this. Now, I am taking this mission on the road, across the country, to work in different cities to find opportunities for young people to register, turn out, and inspire to vote. 

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Voter Registration Success at Eaglecrest High School!

Josh Rasp is a junior at Eaglecrest High School who is passionate about sports, his community, and increasing youth participation in their communities. With the help of his peers, he succeeded in registering 90% of his school's senior class to vote!

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A Relentless Connector

An elementary school social studies teacher asks her students to raise their hands if their parents plan to vote in the next election. All, but one, raise their hands, as Catherine Cho, born in South Korea and brought to America at the age of four, is “left out of the expectation.”

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Inspire WV Visits the Legislature

I had the pleasure of attending another Day at the Legislature with Inspire WV, second to my experience as one of the seventeen speakers of the first annual Girls' Day at the Legislature. It's always a privilege to have the opportunity to share ideas and topics with people who have my same interests at heart.

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Inspire Kentucky meet with KY Secretary of State

Inspire KY Red Team had a great meeting with Secretary of State Alison Grimes this previous Monday. Isaac Weiss reflects on this experience and the plans for their Civic Action Project. 

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Inspire WV Leaders Recognized by Secretary of State

Inspire West Virginia Leaders were honored by Secretary of State, Natalie Tennant, on Tuesday.

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Inspired Leader Julie Phillips Shares Her Leadership Academy Experience

Julie Phillips is an Inspired Leader who is beginning her junior year at Cherry Creek High School. Julie has always been active in her community and is passionate about reducing bullying within her school and registering her peers to vote. In her spare time, she enjoys playing soccer, running cross country, and participating in her school's Amnesty Club. 

Read below to see what Julie had to say about Inspire Colorado's Inaugural Leadership Academy!

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NASSP Approves Inspire U.S. Program

Inspire U.S. has been approved by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) for inclusion on their List of Approved Contests and Activities for Students for 2015-16!

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Inspire U.S. Quarterly Report - March 2015

Read about the unique ways that Inspire U.S. student leaders are working together to improve their communities.

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