Inspired Stories

Inspire U.S. Success Stories from Across the Country

Inspire Nevada Civic Action Event

Inspired Nevada Leaders gathered for an event in January to discuss the issues they care about.

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Inspired Leaders meet with World Denver

Inspire Colorado partnered with World Denver to meet with international guests as part of the U.S. State Department International Visitor Leadership Program. Inspired Leader Emma Lovato shares her thoughts from the event.

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Inspire Virginia Participates in Lobby Day

On February 1st, our Inspired Leaders shadowed Virginia 21 on their Lobby Day in the morning and met with their legislators and action planned for the Virginia Governor's Award in the afternoon. Read more about Kilyna's experience!

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Inspired By Civic Action Retreat

The four-hour pilgrimage to Charleston was long, laborious, and laden with lazily-composed peanut butter and jelly rolls reminiscent of sawdust, but once my fellow Weir High Inspired Leader and I arrived at the Civic Action Retreat, it was all worth it.

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Inspired Leader Showcases Leadership skills with YMCA

Inspired Leader Bella Beilman shares her experience running for Governor at the Kentucky Youth Assembly. 

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Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams supports Inspire Colorado

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams has been a strong advocate and supporter of the non-partisan voter registration and civic engagement work that Inspire Colorado conducts.


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CO Secretary of State Honors Inspired Schools

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams issued a press release to announce that Yuma High School and Eaglecrest High School will receive the Eliza Pickrell Routt Award for Outstanding Voter Registration Efforts.

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Award Recipient Christina Murray

Christina Murray is a 17-year-old senior at East Fairmont High School, and she has been working to achieve the goal of getting area high school students registered to vote.  Continue reading this article at the

A Train, A Purpose, a Journey Across the U.S.

Young people ages 18 to 22 have the lowest turnout at the polls despite being the largest demographic in the United States. It isn't that this generation isn't ready to vote or isn't educated enough to vote-- it's that there are countless barriers in place to ensure young people aren't heard. Inspire U.S. believes this and I believe this. Now, I am taking this mission on the road, across the country, to work in different cities to find opportunities for young people to register, turn out, and inspire to vote. 

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Voter Registration Success at Eaglecrest High School!

Josh Rasp is a junior at Eaglecrest High School who is passionate about sports, his community, and increasing youth participation in their communities. With the help of his peers, he succeeded in registering 90% of his school's senior class to vote!

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