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Inspire U.S. Success Stories from Across the Country

Insights from an Inspired Leader

Jay Falk organized voter registration events at T.C. Williams in Virginia and helped her school earn the VA Commissioner's Award. Before Jay left for UPenn, she shared some insights on Voter Registration in High Schools. 



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Inspired Fellow Encourages Peers to Vote

Peyton Jernigan, Yorktown High School, shadowed an Inspire U.S. staff member in Virginia for her senior experience. Read what she learned as an Inspired Fellow.

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Meet Sophie Cardin: Inspired Leader

Inspire Colorado Leader, Sophie Cardin, a recent high school graduate and receiver of the coveted Boettcher Scholarship, recently answered a few questions about her involvement with Inspire.

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Inspired Leader, Lila Jordan organizes youth forum

Lila Jordan, Inspire Leader from Colorado, chose to organize a youth forum for her senior project. Read her results here.

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Are you prepared to vote?

Former Inspired Leader, Rachel Dorsey, shares how she has prepared to vote in the West Virginia Primary Election and why it's important for young people in West Virginia to turn out to the polls. Watch the video here.

Let your voice be heard

After the Parkland shooting and a recent threat at his high school in San Diego, Sam Statler, a Freshman at Rancho Bernardo High School, was inspired to write this poem to encourage students to vote.

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Why Inspire U.S.?

Chelsea Bisi, a senior at Derry Area High School in Pennsylvania, writes about the power of the youth vote and how she is preparing to register her peers to vote.  

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Virginia Students Take Action

Inspired Leader, Jay Falk, led a voter registration drive for students at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia. In the wake of the recent school shootings, she was inspired to take action for students to have their voice heard.  Click here to watch the report.

Inspire U.S. Teacher Champion encourages students to vote

Meet Inspire U.S. teacher champion, Josh Benson, from Peak to Peak Charter School in Colorado.  This school has earned the Eliza Pickrell Routt Award for registering to vote 85% of the senior class for 2 years in a row. Mr. Benson took some time to talk to us about teaching and preparing students to be civically engaged.

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Colorado Student leads school to earn Secretary of State Award

Inspired Leader, Robin Peterson, led her school in registering to vote 85% the senior class at Peak to Peak High School to earn the Eliza Pickrell Routt Award for 2 years in a row. Robin answers our questions about her involvement with Inspire U.S.

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