Alexa DeLaTorre

Regional Coordinator

Alexa de la Torre is a recent graduate of West Virginia University where she earned her degree in World Languages, Literature and Linguistics with a concentration in Spanish and a minor in Business. She plans to obtain her master’s in education in the future. She loves working in schools and aspires to teach early childhood education some day.

One of Alexa’s favorite memories was volunteering on her stepfather’s campaign for county commissioner in 2010. She enjoyed interacting with all different types of people in her community and loved event planning. Alexa started with Inspire U.S as a part-time Regional Organizer and recently joined as a full-time Regional Coordinator.

In her free time, Alexa enjoys traveling, spinning, and cooking. Two fun facts about Alexa; she loves dogs and ice cream (chocolate is her favorite).

You can contact Alexa at


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