LEAD        ENGAGE        VOTE

“Inspire allows you to become acquainted with the civic process of voting and extend a hand to teach your peers as well.”

Logan Riffey, 2018-19 Inspired Leader

Would you like to be an Inspired Leader?

Learn to conduct peer-to-peer voter registration and engagement activities at your high school. Criteria for the ideal applicant:

* Junior or senior during the 2019-20 academic year (younger students may be considered)
* Strong desire to be involved in your school and your community
* Interest in connecting with other students in your state and be part of a national program

To apply, complete this form to tell us about yourself (short answers are ok).  Once we receive your application, one of our staff will contact you to hold a brief phone interview.

Accepted students are invited to attend an Inspire2Vote Leadership Training Summit in August or September (date TBD) and learn about how to conduct peer-led voter registration and voter engagement activities at your school. All program fees are covered with the exception of travel to and from meetings.

Ready to proceed?  You’ll need about 10 minutes to complete this 2-part form.