Race to Register

Inspire U.S. is student-led and student inspired. Inspired Leaders set out to register at least 85% of eligible seniors at their school. Here are the schools who have met their goal and those who are in the lead for registrations in the 2016-17 school year. 

These High Schools Reached Their Goal!

Congratulations to these high schools who have registered 85% (or more) of their school's eligible voters.

Inspire West Virginia: Nicholas County High School: 125.68% 

Inspired Leaders, Brad Bordelon, Rachel Dorsey, Hannah Grim and Ozan Ozbeker registered 161 students to vote (148 seniors, 38 juniors).


Inspire Virginia: Highland School - 116.67%

Inspired Leader, Savarna Pahari, registered 70 students to vote (seniors 50, juniors 20).   


Inspire West Virginia: Charleston Catholic - 109.62%

Inspired Leaders, Andrew Willis and Madison Settle, registered 57 students to vote (out of 52 seniors).



Inspire Kentucky: Holy Cross High School, Louisville - 94%

Inspired Leaders, Adam Murphy and Tommy Sigman and Inspired Fellow, Karena Cash, registered 47 of their 50 seniors.


Inspire Colorado: Kit Carson High School - 90%

 Inspired Leaders, Bradley Johnston and Jaxon Crawford, registered 9 out of 10 seniors to vote.


Inspire West Virginia: Sherman High School - 97.65%

Inspired Leaders Ashton Rhodes, Kiersten Caruthers and Hannah Halstead registered 83 of the 85 seniors.  


Inspire West Virginia: Braxton County High School - 84%

Inspired Leaders Quinn Hopen, Logan Wilson and Seth Shingler registered 105 of the 125 seniors.


Inspire West Virginia: Scott High School - 113.56%

Inspired Leaders Jessica Miller, Mary Griffith and Olivia Bias registered all 148 seniors, plus some juniors.


Inspire Colorado: Ouray High School - 91.67%

Inspired Leader Evan Mann registered 11 or the 12 seniors.


Inspire Kentucky: Sayre School - 86.67%

Inspired Leader Spencer Stewart registered 39 of the 45 seniors         


Inspire Virginia: Windsor High School - 96.06%

Students registered 122 of the 127 seniors.   


Inspire West Virginia: Ravenswood High School - 110.71%

Inspired Leaders Courtney Archibald, Angelica Miller, Marisa McCoy and Paige Hood registered 84 seniors and some juniors.


Inspire West Virginia: Man High School - 101.01%

Inspired Leaders Kaitlyn Mays, Brookelyn Burges, Jacob Asbury and Hope Weese registered 99 seniors and 1 junior.


Inspire West Virginia: Mount View High School - 97.44%

Inspired Leaders De'Janae Dillard, Destiny Robertson, Kelsie Potter and Nadia Johnson registered 76 of the 78 seniors.



Honorable Mention: High Schools which have registered to vote over 200 students

Inspire Colorado: Cherry Creek High School - 363
Inspired Leaders Julia Woolley and Grace McKenna with Inspired Fellow, Kara Henry have registered 40.83% of the 889 seniors.

Inspire Colorado: Eaglecrest High School - 271
Inspired Leaders Taylor Brown and Emma Lovato have registered 49.01% of the 553 seniors

Inspire Colorado: East High School - 229
Inspired Leaders Pan Phyu and Samantha Oberhausen have registered 40.39% of the 567 seniors

Inspire Kentucky: Lafayette High School - 336
Inspired Leaders Eli Dreyer and Gabby Epley have registered 68.29% of the 492 seniors

Inspire Nevada: Sierra Vista High School - 300
Inspired Leaders Cyndi Lai, Shirly Fang, Kenny Boonna and Sophia Ho have registered 57.14% of the 525 seniors.

Inspire Virginia: Brooke Point High School - 230*
Students registered 65.16% of the 353 seniors.

Varina High School: 222*
Student registered 65.49% of the 339 seniors.

Inspire Virginia: Marshall High School - 246*
Inspired Leaders Carly Rettie and Claire Heiden registered 65.60% of the 375 seniors

Inspire Virginia: Yorktown High School - 217
Inspired Leader Jordan Dixon registered 51.18% of the 424 seniors.

Inspire Virginia: Washington-Lee High School - 218
Inspired Leaders Shawal Tariq, Annie Choudhry, Brooke Tannehill, Claire Walker and Alice Naland registered 46.88% of 465 seniors.

*These schools qualified for the Virginia Governor's Award by registering to vote 65% of eligible seniors