Get Involved

We invite you to inspire the many young people in your community to speak up and have their voices heard!

Inspire U.S. is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, student-driven initiative with a proven track record that's working for YOU. We develop programs from coast to coast to educate America's youth about the importance of voting, encourage them to register to vote and help their peers to register, and also develop a lifetime habit of voting in federal, state, and elections. Learn more about The Inspire U.S. Program Experience.

There are many ways to get involved:

Attend an Event!

Inspire U.S. has events in our Inspired States from coast to coast. Check out our Event Calendar.

Donate to Inspire U.S.

Inspire U.S. is a strictly nonpartisan program of Project High Hopes, a 501(c)3 operating foundation. We rely on donations to bring programs to high school students. Donate to the cause.

Become an Inspired Leader

The academy, now in six U.S. states, focuses on three main components during the first “Inspired Year”: Leadership, Democracy, and Community. We accept applications from students on a rolling basis. Learn more about the Inspire U.S. Leadership Academy and what it means to become an Inspired Leader.

Nominate a Student

Do you know students who are showing leadership skills and an interest in their communities? Nominate them to the Inspire U.S. Leadership Program to show your pride in their achievements, and help them grow as an involved, engaged U.S. citizen. 

Become a School Champion

Start an Inspire2Vote Initiative

For those states that do not yet have an Inspire U.S. Program, we offer teachers the opportunity to become School Champions with detailed and tested Inspire2Vote Curriculum for your classes. Request an Inspire2Vote Kit.