Corey Wiggins

Southwest Regional Coordinator

Arizona and Nevada

Corey has spent his entire life in Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Political Science and Secondary Social Studies Education. As a student leader with the United States Student Association, Corey worked at a state and federal level to ensure access to equitable and affordability higher education as well as fought to promote the voices of marginalized students. 

Corey's passion for youth civic engagement and social justice led him to the classroom where he worked as a high school Social Studies Educator and Leadership Adviser. While working as an educator, he had the opportunity to engage students in the political process at a local level and received the honor of Teacher of the Year three years in a row. 

After spending years in the classroom Corey wanted the opportunity to combine his skills in community organizing and youth civic engagement in way that would help drive the largest voting block in the country to the polls and is what lead him to Inspire U.S. When Corey is not amplifying the youth voice in the Southwest Region he is enjoying the Rocky Mountains with his dog, Scout.

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